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Help with first dry runs.

Hi everyone. I'm new here.

I'm 16, non-virgin, never been pregnant and/or given birth.

I have a small DivaCup which I won - I can't afford to buy my own cup of any kind right now.

I'm pretty sure my cervix is really high - I've never been able to reach it and I've never had trouble inserting non-applicator tampons as far as they can go. I'm completely comfortable with any of my "gross" bodily fluids and functions.

I got my DivaCup in the post 2 weeks ago (29 Dec. 2011). I was expecting my period on the 21st, but sometimes it can be a few days off. I'm still late (9 Jan. 2012), which happens with me every few months. I'm definitely not pregnant so I'm not worried about being late, it's just getting a bit frustrating. I might try some parsley tea tomorrow and see if it helps bring on my period.

I'm on my third dry run row. I insert it at night while squatting in the shower and remove and reinsert it in my morning shower (I have to shower twice because it's summer). I have quite a lot of normal discharge so I'm not dry. I found the C-fold a bit too big at the rim, so I tried the 7-fold and labia fold and the punch down fold. They were all really comfy to insert. Once it was in, I couldn't feel it at all. The stem isn't bothersome either. Problem is, I don't know if it's popped open or not. There was no popping sound or any sudden pressure. I could swirl my finger around it, but I couldn't feel if the cup was rounded or dented. My nails are a few millimetres longer than my fingertips and I poked myself a few times but nothing serious. I definitely can't twist the cup around at all. I caught a bit of discharge in the cup but there was still some in my underwear so I think that means it didn't pop open. 

My other problem is with removal. I can pinch the base and pull the cup out, angling it from side to side, but on its way out it pops open and it's really painful when the big round open rim passes through my vaginal opening. I've thought of pinching the cup more on its way out, but if I do that while on my period, won't it spill?

My questions:
How can you tell if it's popped open? 
Is there another way to pop it open besides spinning and finger twirling?
Are you supposed to: a. insert it halfway, let it pop open and push it the rest of the way, or b. insert it all the way and then let it pop open?
Does it pop open more easily when you're on your period?
How can you remove it painlessly? 
Do you keep it pinched through the whole removal? Won't that make it spill?

I know it's a learning curve but it's a bit more difficult than I imagined. Thanks for your help. :)
Tags: continuous use, divacup, dry run, first time use, insertion, insertion - folding methods, popping open, removal - painful or problems, seal & suction, teething troubles
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