Darling Nikki (jessiebanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Darling Nikki

Yay! I finally bit the bullet...

...I only had to stay up the entire night to do it, but I did it =p.

You may remember me from this post: http://www.livejournal.com/update.bml?usejournal=menstrual_cups

I contacted MeLuna and they said the would send me the old shape as a sample if I ordered the new shape since I was so confused :D. Love their generosity! I got tripped up by their recommendation of me going with the, size small, classic softness, since I'm young and athletic. My gut instinct though felt a bit off about that, even though getting the violet cup is extremely appealing (you have no idea). I'm quite sensitive, it's part of the reason I want to ditch tampons for cups, and am especially so on my period. Every slight pressure makes me want to pee, cramp, and otherwise feel not so amazing. Also having such an oddly shaped lady region I think that a cup that is more flexible in shape might achieve better suction and therefore be better for my dancing and figure skating. It's all theory based on the hundreds, literally, reviews I've read, but I have to start somewhere right? I don't know, if I'm wrong I'm wrong. I'll just have to order again, but I'm happy I finally ordered. I think I did it in just enough time for my next period.

I went with the MeLuna Soft Small Ball Stem in Pink. I hope the send the same stem for the old style, but beggars can't be choosers. Hopefully I can play with it to get it to work and I won't crush it. *Crossing Fingers*
Tags: customer service, meluna - soft, sports/physical activities

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