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Some issues but i'm determined!

Well well well cup community you've got a convert (almost). I have been researching menstrual cups for a few cycles now because I've become thoroughly frustrated with traditional products (ie tampons and pads). I have a very heavy monthly period that lastly around 10 days. This time around I was in the pharmacy buying my usual monthly supplies when I saw Instead SoftCups and impulsively bought a box. Hoping this would be the answer to my daily tampon pad duo I normally don I was excited to try out my first cup! After watching 2 hours of youtube videos on the subject I felt prepared to try inserting the Instead cup. Wow I was wrong...I failed miserably. Idk what happen I push back and down as far as possible ensuring the ring was behind my pelvic bone but stood up and felt it slide right out of place. I sat down and tried again to push it farther in. This time I lasted 10 minutes before I began to leak profusely. Thank goodness I had the mind to do this trail at home on my day off and not when I was planning to go any where. I took out the cup and had blood on every part of the cup (outside, inside, all around the ring)...apologies if that's too graphic for some people. I threw that cup out took a bath to relax then tried again with more failure. Needless to say I went thru 3 cups in 1 day and became completely dishearten on the subject but determined to get off the tampon pad combo I tried again today (3 days later). I did more research and learned more about my own anatomy again feeling confident to insert this cup without fail. Its been in for a couple hours now with no leakage but a feeling off pressure on my pelvic bone. Now that you all have my info and background on to my questions.

1. I cant find my cervix! I read and re-read all the posts on this topic and still can't find it. I am wondering if this means mine is just to far to reach or that I am missing it in my self exam. I can say my vaginal muscles are very tight (I'm not a virgin but do my keagles daily and I know when I'm nervous my muscles tense). From what i've read finding my cervix will help in all things cup related so help in this department would be much appreciated.

2. Is the Instead SoftCup comparable to other silicone cups? and can I expect the same types of trouble with others? Should my trouble with Instead SoftCups steer me towards certain silicone reusable cups for reason idk?

3.Could these problems have occurred simply because it was a very heavy flow day (very heavy meaning changing super tampons once every 1-2 hours)?

4. Is feeling pressure on my pelvic bone common? 

Lastly please tell me if I have posted in the wrong area or incorrectly somehow. I have been looking at this site for months but did not join until today and this is my 1st post. Any and all suggestions are welcome. Thanks 
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, cervix position, insertion, insertion - painful or problems, instead, leakage & spotting, teething troubles

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