mikayla_224601 (mikayla_224601) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Deathly Infections?

So this scared me A LOT...
I was talking to my mom the other day when she asked me about my cup. How often do you clean it? What do you clean it with? Those types of things, then she said to me "Make sure you clean with soap and water every time you take it out and rinse it very very well" She then goes on to say that soap will cause irritation. This I knew already. The thing that scared me was she said "You have to be really careful with that thing because some bacteria can cause infections that could make you very sick or could even be fatal" Is it true? I tend to not really trust my mother because she doesn't use cups, but in the summer I got a UTI and she believed it was from my cup, I just don't want to risk anything if it's that big of a deal. I won't stop using it and I don't encourage other to do so, but I need to know if I REALLY have to clean it that well. I know some people who just use water, or when I was at camp I had to just wipe it off and put it back in... What do you think?
Tags: health risks, tampons, yeast infections
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