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Question about leakage, suction and popping open.

Dear MC Community,

Firstly, I'd like to thank you for all your previous support!

I had some leakage issues (nothing too major,) and I'm confused as the following two possible causes seem to contradict one another.

First scenario: Leakage was caused by cup being full.
When I took out the cup cuz it was leaking, it was only half way full.
When I inserted the cup (Iriscup--soft,) even though the rims popped open, the body stayed squeezed by my vagina wall. Maybe the body not being in full round shape decreased the capacity, and therefore caused "premature(?)" leakage. (I tried to measure the capacity with water, and indeed, squeezed cup hold much less liquid than fully round shaped cup)

Second scenario: Leakage was caused by too much air in the cup (and/or) poor seal/suction
In a previous post about leakage issue, I read some advice to leave the bottom of the cup squeezed, in order to leave less air in the cup = more space for blood to collect. Some of you also commented that this allows better seal and prevents leakage.

So now I'm greatly confused...

My question: to prevent leakage, should I try to let more air in the cup so it's fully round? (scenario 1) or leave the cup squeezed in half? (scenario 2)

I hope my explanations weren't too confusing @_@;;

I'd greatly appreciate your input, 

Thank you in advance!
Tags: leakage & spotting, popping open, seal & suction
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