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Ah which one!!

Alright so I have been doing A LOT of research and A LOT of flip flopping back and forth. 

To begin with, I am 17, sexually active, and I have never given birth. 
I have a heavy period and I have what I think is a high cervix, 2.5 inches high. (Finding my cervix was amazing, I thought I was home alone and shouted "I found my cervix!" My mom came running up the stairs "You found your crucifix?!" "YEAH! I FOUND MY CRUCIFIX!" (I don't have a crucifix.))
Anyway, before I found my cervix, I had no idea. I wanted the ladycup because of the pretty colors, but I remember an email I had received from my best friend saying she couldn't get her ladycup out! This freaked me out. She's off menstrual cups now. 
Then I was like Miacup! Yes! Definitely! Then I realized it would be 35 days till I got it. Then I was like MeLuna, but I don't know how long that will take....
Also for the MeLuna the ring tab things, can you stick your finger and just pull it on out? Which ending is the easiest to remove?
THEN I was like Lunette, yes, lunette is for me. Then I read that since it's a bit firmer, it can irritate those with a sensitive bladder which I definitely have. 
So I have a list of questions so I may have asked but I'm repeating if you know the answer to any of the please let me know!! 
Does the firmness of a cup effect a sensitive bladder?
Is there any place that I can get the miacup sooner? 
I already have endometriosis, will a menstrual cup make this worse? 
how long does it take for the Meluna to ship to America?
Can colored cups really be that bad for your body?
Is it true that MeLuna tests on animals? 
Which model of meluna is the best?
How does the ringstem on the meluna work?

These are a lot of questions! but I will appreciate any answers! 

Thank you so much!! 

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