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NO more leakage!!!!

Okay so I made a major discovery during my last cycle and I'm so excited I HAVE to post about it.  So I have a large Lunette cup as I'm 35 and have 2 kids.  I had a diva cup in the past which I hated as it leaked so I switched to the Lunette hoping for more success.  I had some success at first but still had MAJOR leaking at night issues and during the day on heavy days.  So this last cycle I stuck with the "c" fold but I also made sure to squish down the whole cup as i inserted so that no air was going in with the cup....(hard to explain) but I did the "c" fold and then flattened the length of the cup with my other fingers as I inserted it.  it not only popped open easier but I have had NO leaks since figuring this out!  NOT EVEN AT NIGHT on a heavy day!!!!!!!  In the past my cup would never be full and would leak around it, but I've emptied at least 3 full cups so far without leaking at all!  I hope I've explained it adequately because I'd love for other women with leaking issues to fully experience the joy of menstrual cups.  They work!!!!!! 

so here it is again,

1.  Do your "c" fold
2.  Also flatten the rest of the cup as much as you can so there's no air in it
3.  Hold it flat for as long as you can or at least until the opening is inside somewhat, then push in to where is comfortable
4.  It should pop open easily and not leak

So that is what finally worked for me and I hope it works for others.  in the past I just did the "c" fold at the top to get it in and the rest of the cup was only have folded flat so I guess the air that went in was making it so that it leaked.  Anyways, best of luck to you all, hang in there, once the cup finally works its like a miracle!!!!

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