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How have menstrual cups change your life? What appealed to you about before and after trying?

How have menstrual cups change your life, for good or worse? What do you like about it before and after trying them?

For me, menstrual cups have changed my life mainly when I sleep- no more having the sleep in one direction, no more blood running down the pad while I'm lying down, no more worrying that causes me to stay up, no more towel under my butt, freedom when sleeping! My beauty sleep is very important, so thanks menstrual cup for giving it back when mother nature tries to take it away. :)

I'm also a swimmer, and well, I don't need to say more. Yay for string less protection! Also, no chafing and no more icky diapers, which are extremely uncomfortable anytime, but especially during exercise.

Saving money!! This is what appealed to me before I tried them and it makes me excited to think about the money! And also i wanted it in the first place to avoid the awkward visits to the store for buying pads and tampons.

Cons: Quite messy - And I hope i'll never have to change in a public bathroom, or worse, portable potty. But I'm still a beginner! Hope I get pro soon....

Also, do you wear panty liners or pads of any kind when wearing menstrual cups? I find that even if the cup doesn't leak, there is some blood that leaves my body during the time I'm reinserting my cup, so if I don't wear a panty liner or thin pad, my under wear will get stained.(After I insert cup and then pee, my pee will be red because there is some "residue slober" in the private area). Do you experience that? It happens even if I wipe with toilet paper. Perhaps TMI: the blood sometimes go on my pubic hair and it stains my underwear. How can i prevent staining my underwear without wearing a pad or pantyliner?

Your turn! :)

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