warriorwoman01 (warriorwoman01) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Suction hurts when cup first opens?

Hey. Everything is going pretty well except one thing: it hurts when the cup first opens in me. Since i am a virgin, I try to get my menstrual cup's rim in my vagina, and then try to push it up (it's so hard to insert any other way because I'm really tight down there. And I use punchdown fold too, which is the only fold that works for me). When it goes up and opens, i can feel the strong suction and it hurts quite a lot. Sometimes I need to turn it to open, and when it does open, the same sharp pain kicks me. It happens when I use my lunette size 2 (pretty stiff) as well as my lunette size 1 (quite on the softer side). Do you experience that pain when the cup first opens too? That suction feeling is soo strong and painful when the cup first opens... I think it's trying to suck itself into the vagina or something... or at least that's how it feels like. Is my method of insertion causing the problem? Would it get rid of this suction pain if I insert the cup all the way in before letting go? Is the suction causing this pain harmful to my vagina, bladder, or pubic bone? How can I prevent this suction pain?

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