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Do you get dirty fingernails from removing/reinserting menstrual cup?

Do you get dirty fingernails from removing/reinserting menstrual cup?
Every time I remove my menstrual cup, menstrual blood always gets underneath my fingernails, making them look like dirt underneath my nails, which looks gross . The idea that it is menstrual blood and not dirt makes it even more gross. One time I was eating at Mc Donalds when I saw my finger nails like that. I was surprised because my nails are usually clean, if not very clean. And then after pondering for so long about what it is and what I have touched (I barely touch anything dirty), i realized I had just reinserted my menstrual cup in the dentist's office. I washed my hands very welI, and with a lot of soap after EACH visit to the bathroom, including that one. was holding my burger with the thought of menstrual blood underneath my nails, and I had completely lost my appetite. 

Now, I realized that after every reinsertion and/or removal of the menstrual cup, blood gets stuck underneath my nails, which dries and turn brown, making it look like dirt. No matter how well I wash my hands or how much soap I use, I wouldn't be able to remove that line of blood underneath my nails unless I use the nails on my other hand to manually "scrape" it off. I'm wondering if continually doing this would damage that delicate part of my fingers that my nails are supposed to protect? And do you have this problem with blood getting stuck underneath your nails? What should I do to prevent blood getting stuck underneath my nails? Cut them very short?

EDIT: My fingernails are really short, due to the fact that I play piano, type, and write a lot. The highest points of my fingernails are not longer than the tip of my fingers. If I cut any further, it might hurt. The very white part on the tip of fingernails ( I don't know what they are called)... I usually have only about one or two mm of that. Do i need to cut them completely off (the white parts) to not have blood trapped underneath my fingernails?

*i accidentally deleted the entry after adding more info (clicked delete instead of save). Just in case you commented before and thought I deleted your comments ;)
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