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New year, renewed spirits and a request for a helping hand.

Ok, after getting settled with new studies and everyting,
i'm back on track with my goal to get the info about menstrual cups out to as many as possible (in Norway).
I'm aiming for something great in 2012
, thinking about contacting the goverment and
see what can be done about school-sex-ed-situations.(I left it last fall as we had a lot of goverment changes after the
situation in Norway this summer.) Maybe it will be a totally overwhelming task, but we'll see how far I get. :D
Worst case maybe i just get some goverment people curious about what a menstrual cup is..

But before i go rolling, i'd like to know a little about your experiences as background information. So therefore i'm asking about a helping hand.

Can you answer some (or all) of these questions for me?

1. where did you first hear about menstrual cups?/ What aroused your curiousity?
2. What was the reason you deceided to try one?
3. How old were you when you heard about it? And how old were you when you deceided to try one?
4. What did you consider the negative things when deceiding for a cup? (Price, hygiene, difficult to get at it etc..) Did it make you deceide on not get it/get it later?

Thank you very much, and a happy new year everyone!

-Marthe @ www.menskopp.org
Tags: activism

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