lostchild03 (lostchild03) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Which cups have you found sucessful in dealing with clots?

Hi, I'm using the lunette size 2 and it leaks when I pass a large clot. I'm not sure if the problem is from the clot itself, or from the stem causing the cup to be displaced. I didn't trim the stem (because i wanted to sell it if i find out that it doesn't work for me) , so the stem sticks out quite a lot for me and is very uncomfortable. Could it be that the stem is sticking out too much that causes the displacement and leaking of the cup?

What are cup(s) you have tried that you have found successful in dealing with clots? Also, does anyone know the link to Mellisa's chart of comparison of cups' softness? Is it updated since the release the Fleurcup's adjustment to its cups? Are the new Fleurcups softer or firmer than they were before?

I'm thinking about investing in a Fleurcup, have you found success with the fleurcup in dealing with clots? it will be my third cup, and if it fails as well, I would be utterly disappointed. I am debating between the yuuki and the fleurcup, because they both have the highest capacity available on the market.

Thanks so much.
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