Web/Catbirdgirl/Robin (catbirdgirl) wrote in menstrual_cups,

tried instead on an impulse today

soooo I was going on vacation, and I got my period. HEAVY. And it was supposed to be a romantic vacation with my hubby.

I bought the disposable insteads just to see if they would work. Inserted one, I thought, no problem. Hot tub, a glass of wine... very relaxed. no sex. we decided to go to sleep. I couldn't get it out.

Now I am not a small woman, and I have very short fingers. And it got... STUCK. Slippery. I couldnt get a grip. I might have put it in inside out- I wasnt sure if the rim edge was toward the outside or what. But it was a mess getting it out. Any suggestions in case it gets stuck again? I finally hooked my finger inside the damn thing instead of under the rim.

I'm sure I shouldn't have tried it on vacation. and the wine and hot tub might not have helped... but would it have worked with the whole PiV sex thing, if I'd tried it correctly, which I'm not sure I did?

Right about now it's got one more shot then I might just freecycle them. That was a very embarrassing experience.
Tags: first time use, instead, removal - painful or problems, sexual activity

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