juliiie87 (juliiie87) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Boiling and some kind of residue...?

So I'm the happy owner of a pink Cuplee (been meaning to post about it... I just need to figure out how pictures insertion works... aehm), and today I gave its second bubbly hot bath ever (in a few months of use).

I remembered the instructions on their website recommend 5 minutes boiling, so that's what I aimed for, but because it wasn't big bubbles rolling at first, I think I ended up leaving in hot water for 10 minutes or so. Maybe 12. The pot was always full of water, so I thought it was fine.

BUT over that time I noticed the heat projecting some kind of dust evenly all around the cooking spot.
The same kind of transparent deposit seemed to swim on the surface of the pot. Now, it could be some soap residue that didn't rinse off properly (though I thought I did rinse it off) or it could be... silicone getting peeled off the cup ??! Since there wasn't any soap-like bubbles in the pot... I'm more inclined to think of silicone particles.

Did anyone experience the same thing and do you think it's safe to use my cup again ? I really don't know how my body will react to those particles.... :/
Please reassure me !
Tags: cleaning - boiling, cup lee

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