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MCUK with extremely low cervix?!?

Hey there everyone! Hope none of you recognise me as the girl who keep posting questions about cups but never gets around to using hers because her mother is wary of cups.

I have a mooncup (UK) size B, which is the smaller version. So I realised that I have a very, very low cervix. It's only about 1-2 cm in and I'm pretty sure it's my cervix. I emailed the mooncup advisor and this is what she said: "If your cervix is 1-2 cm into the vagina then unfortunately the Mooncup® will not suit you as it is designed to be worn low in the vagina and not over the cervix. If you used a Mooncup then it may cause you discomfort and not be effective."

I feel somewhat disheartened to learn that I can't use my mooncup due to my cervix height. It sounds like the cup will sort of feel like a glove over my cervix. Is it normal to have such a low cervix? I'm afraid that it will cause problems in the future, especially when I decide to have kids. Has anyone here had positive experiences using a narrow bodied cups like this with a very, very low cervix?

Btw, I feel like I should mention this. The people at mooncup UK rock and are very approachable, even if I ask them weird questions. =)

Edit: I suspect that my cervix points to the right. It doesn't seem to be exactly in the middle...
Edit: Uh oh, I just found out that we're not allowed to change colours or sizes whiule posting. Sorry mods! Can't fig out how to change the size though...
Tags: cervix position, mooncup (uk)

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