Darling Nikki (jessiebanana) wrote in menstrual_cups,
Darling Nikki

New to the cup world...

So I'm making one those annoying "what cup should I get" posts. I've been doing a lot of reading, self exploring, and chart analyzing, but I need some help putting the big picture together.

a. I started by confirming that I do have a low sitting cervix, at least I do right now on my period. I thought I might since I've always had to find a delicate balance with tampons, not placing the applicator too far in where it hurts while not placing it so shallowly I easily push it out. Anywho with my index finger it seems I can touch it without sticking my finger all the way in and I have relatively short fingers.

b. More than just being petite inside though, and I have primarily slept with women so I know how I am compared to others, I have very strong vaginal muscles. I figure skate and dance ballet and getting my muscles to relax on my period just to explore with one finger wasn't particularly comfortable.

c. As far as flow goes, I used to be heavy, but after more than a decade of hbc (I'm 23) my flow is normal. I never wear more than a regular tampon and on my heaviest day I can wear a regular for at least 4 hours. I actually prefer Slender lights/regulars the most, but I usually settle for Playtex Sport regular since they're easier to find and the actual tampon inside is just as small as slender.

I was looking at softer brands but I'm concerned that due to the size of my vagina and the resistance of my muscles that they might not pop open. I'm also concerned about length, there seem to be very few short brands, and overall diameter. I don't mind cleaning my cup as often as I would change a tampon, but I don't want to be going to the restroom every two hours though.

I have some models in mind, but I'm not going to say what they are as I rather hear your suggestions. I'm not too concerned about price, as this is a product that will be really cheap over time anyway, right? I am a bit turned off by the smoother cups, they seem like they would be a slippery hot mess to deal with.

Thanks, I don't have anyone IRL to bounce ideas off of.

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