goody_me (goody_me) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Removal Issues

First and foremost, thanks to all for the wonderful advise given to me when I first used it. This is my second month and I used the DiveCup just perfectly fine. 

I wanted to give advice on something I learned on my own. Removal was the hardest part for me! Suctions really sucks. (No pun intended.) But it killed me and almost made me not want to use it. 

Removal trick: Moving it from side to side and pulling downward gently and using your muscles to push a bit as well will slowly move it out with out too much pain. Not much pain... I don't know if this is doing something wrong or not, but I know it helped me tons!

I have one problem from last time. When removing, it was very bad. I mean the pain was VERY BAD. I tried everything then I did something, I don't know what to make suction worse. So, I think I was not gentle enough and I feel that I may have torn my posterior fourchette. I didn't use the cup from then on. I felt very open and less tight than I did before. I wanted to know if this was a possibility? 

Once again, sorry if this is too graphic. 

Tags: divacup, removal

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