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My Success Story :)

Hey guys,
I just wanted to check in... It's been about 5 months since I would spend hours stalking this forum, pondering the decision to switch to cups.
I ended up getting the small Lunette, and couldn't be happier with the decision.

Some of my favorite results of switching from tampons:
I don't have to...
  • Pay $7 a month on disposables
  • Worry about TSS
  1. Worry keeping it in after it's become full
  2. Worry about which size tampon to use
  3. Incessantly count the hours between changes
  • Feel dry and itchy
  • Bring so much with me on trips
Also, I seem to feel better using the cup versus tampons. The latter were apparently contributing to my cramps.
My boyfriend likes it, too, because I'm much more agreeable and happy :) I think because I worry so much less now.

To anyone considering a cup: go for it. Don't give up if it's hard to use for a while, it will get better! And you will never want to go back to tampons.
The only caution I'd give is for those with an intact hymen. It'll be more complicated, and you'll have to break it I guess.

So that is me :) Saying thank you for answering so many questions for me in the past, and saying that I went for it, and it paid off! Literally and figuratively :) I can't imagine that I ever dealt with a period without it, and hope I never have to again. That's how much better my periods are now. :)
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