coolwaterz (coolwaterz) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Does that paranoid feeling go away?

Hi again. So I have now been using my diva cup successfully for 10 months. It is crazy how time flies. This community has really helped me a lot so thank you.

 I do like my cup a lot and it has made my menstrual cycle so much better. However since my cycle is very heavy and I still have moments where I am very concerned the cup will overflow and leak. On the first three days I have to resort to using cloth pads as back up.   

The first three days are very heavy and the three/four days after that is not much bleeding.  As a result, on my heavy days I still feel a paranoia regarding leaks. I once used a heavy absorbent cloth pad with the cup and there was minor leakage. I didn't wear it that long but that day it was very heavy.  I was wondering if anyone still feels concern regarding overflowing because of a heavy cycle?

I really wish I could be more carefree and unconcerned during my period, but I only feel that way after day 3. Before that, still feel I have to keep checking. I also wished my flow was more evenly distributed so the first three days did not feel everlasting and so constant. Unfortunately, I cannot change it.

Tags: heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, success stories
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