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still have some questions...

All right, so I posted here a little while back thinking I knew what I wanted. I must admit I was drawn into the colorful/glittery allure of some cups...not considering my own anatomy. Needless to say, I am still without a cup.

But here's my concern!
I have a low cervix. At least, I think I do. I can touch it fairly easily- it sits almost about...4 cm inside on my heaviest day.
My flow is heavyish on one or two days- I go through a Super tampon in about 4 and a half hours at my heaviest.

With these things in mind, I am now currently drawn to the Lunette and the Fleurcup. The textures sound pleasing to me- but I'm not sure if I need a small or a large in either brand. I am not a virgin and am 19, but I'm not sure how my cervix position and flow would factor into this. I don't want to get a small just to find it's not enough to handle a low cervix (and I don't want to rush off to the bathroom too often), and I don't want to get something too large in case it hurts or something...
I really do feel kind of clueless. More so than I previously thought!

What would you say I would be better off with, considering this information? What are your personal experiences with these brands?  :)
Tags: first time use, fleurcup, lunette, lunette selene

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