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Change in IUD String Length Post Cup Use

The facts: 3 months post insertion, no kids, paragaurd (copper) Diva cup size 1 (If I missed anything feel free to let me know via comments)

The first month after insertion I went pads/tampons just to see what the new norm would be, didn't realize how horrible life had been using them.

Last month used my diva cup, almost had it over flow a few times due to much heavier cycle with IUD, but just an adjustment.

My worry is that it seems that by the end of my cycle my strings had gone from being the centimeter that my gyno thought was perfect to being more along the lines of close to an inch. I let it go because my string length does vary during my cycle and I thought they may shorten as my cervix went back up. However I have been checking pretty regularly and string length hasn't gone back to it's previous short length I preferred.

My question is - is it possible I wasn't breaking suction well enough and so it pulled the strings/iud lower? Is this normal?

I am kinda hesitant to use my cup again as I don't want it to accidentally pull out my IUD (which I love btw). I know that the diva is not the most IUD friendly cup and has strong suction with the thick walls, is there a home solution to that before my next cycle, I won't be able to order a different cup in time I don't think.

Thanks in advance for all the help, hope I was clear

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