rah_been (rah_been) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pain from full cup? Other issues?

Sorry this is so long. 
Hey im 38, been using cups for almost 1 year, lrg fleurcup today
I started this morning at 6 am.
Normally first day is light to medium
flow. I changed at 1030 in the shower, normal small amount, and again at 1245, 
it was half full, not too uncommon. But at 215 I started getting really crampy
and felt like my vaginal organs were pulling downward (this is my cue I'm bleeding
heavy). So I put off empting my cup for a few min. because normally I leak, but suddenly
i started getting really sharp pains in my lowest pevic right side, so much I had
to hold my side to walk. This was not like period cramps , I have all kinds of 
cramps at my period, nothing like these. I had already taken 6 ibuprofen 
Up til this point, 4 when I started at 600 and 2 more at 1200. 
When I got to the bathroom my cup was full to its max(3/4 full), 
but no leaking.  My question is do u think it's possible for blood 
to back up and cause pain. Normally my cup will leak and let me
know. But my cervix is so dangly I think it's covering the holes.  Any 
ideas on where this flood came from, I've been taking ibuprofen for
a few days to try to avoid this. As I do every month. I love my
cups but days like this make me wonder if this is the right choice. 
I was on birth control last year but I kept feeling sick to my stomache
for 5 months, maybe I should try something else. Also forgot to
add that I've been having palpatations in my lower abdomen right above
pubic bone, this was before I started even. It feels similiar to
a baby kicking. But my tubes are tied. 

Thanks for reading, sorry on my iPhone and tags not working 
just right.  
Tags: cramps, fleurcup, health risks

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