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Lunette too short?

Hey peeps
I bought a lunette and getting it was easier than expected but I am worried it is too short.

This part might be tmi, this is why I made a separate account for this community, lol:
I even worked out how to get it out in the shower eventually. My fingers are too short to grab it with my finger and thumb =[ but if I pull gently down on the stem with one hand then with the other I manage to find the cup with a finger and break the seal and it comes out pretty ok. It took me ages to work this out, and I could never get it out one handed! Now my problem is reaching the stem. =[ The first time it was ok and I've only tried it twice so perhaps I put it too high up the second time but I swear it just disappeared so high right away.

Maybe lunette is too short for me. =[ It was hard reaching any stem whatsoever even in the shower and it was against the bone inside of me and I can't really get my finger and thumb very high inside of me at once so can only use just the finger. =[

I don't really want a bigger cup because it gets full so slowly. I can't even imagine how people cut the stem off. This so weird. I'm a short and small person, I thought I would have opposite issues if anything!!
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