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First journey with Meluna

Hello everyone,

First time I've met cups it was few months ago at polish page about women sexuality, there was an article about kind of sanitary used during period. Along with disposable pads and tampons (already known for me) there appeared textile pads and cups. It was shocking for me, but at the end it turned out as a great idea. No more dryness effect after using tampons, or pads in last days, no more problems with pads movement and last but not least no more being afraid of running out from disposables. I searched Internet and found this community and also Melissa's page about cups, also some polish discussion communities and polish page about cups.

As you already know I'm from Poland, I'm 22, sexually active, having in my opinion heavy flow at the first day of period (even 1 disposable pad per hour), nights could have been worse (pads movements, leaking, worries about staining blanks). Also had strong cramps, such that after one hour painkiller wasn't working. This year I begun taking tabs, so my periods became more predictable and less heavy, not so painful too. As my gyno told I've got retroverted uterus, after my own examination I know that my cervix is high. With those informations I searched through size charts, softness charts and so on.

Decided to buy meluna (cheapest option and various stems endings). I've bought medium size meluna with ball ending. Surprisingly it has arrived exactly in the middle of my period. I've unpacked it and first surprise it's really soft, but rim seems to be firm. I've boiled it for 5 minutes, as it's written in meluna's producer instruction. And then I tried two folds “C” and “punch-down”, “punch-down” seemed for me the best, it was easier to insert cup. And here comes big event, I was so eager to try it and I did punch-down fold, then inserted, poked cup a little bit to make it easier to pop open, I felt nothing so I wasn't that sure about popping, I've checked around the cup, noticed that cup isn't fully circular so I looked for holes in cup and helped air to get in and open the cup fully. Then I kegeled it a little bit and at first moments I felt cup inside, I can say it was nice experience. After few hours of using it I didn't feel different from the beginning. Maybe just small cramp alike pain, but I think my vagina wasn't used to hold inside something during period ;) (lately used only pads, that's also why)

Then came moment to try taking it out. I searched for a ball stem of my meluna and I noticed that my meluna with her opening is a little bit turned to the right side, so that the ball stem I've found on the left side. I've caught it, little bit squished down part of cup and using pushes and wiggles I took it out, then cleaned and inserted again without greater problems. I slept with my meluna and in the morning when I tried to find it I was shocked that it has hidden so high, I could take it out, but it was little bit harder for me, even with pushing. After all I managed to take it out.

I'm really happy with my meluna medium, I don't know yet how it will behave on my first days of period, but I hope it's good choice. I've chosen medium size because I'm no more virgin, I've got normal flow, so small one could be to small for first days of period, but I'm really considering buying small meluna with the normal stem for last days of cycle, I'm just worried about it's behave in my vagina when turning itself with opening to right side, so that stem could bother my left side. Any woman having this similar issue?

I really can't wait for my next period :P why it longs 28 days? :D

Tags: cervix position, first time use, insertion, meluna, popping open, removal, sleeping, success stories, tilted uterus

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