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Hello again!

Second post this week.. I used my Fleurcup again (second time), and had some issues. Extra info: I have and IUD

1) I started getting sharp, stabbing pains in my colon (I think) after wearing the cup for a few hours. I may have been constipated but I'm not sure. I'm wondering if any of you have had rectal pains during your period with an IUD, with the cup, any combo of those three? I had a bowel movement eventually and more sharp pains. I can't tell if it was caused by the cup, or maybe my IUD penetrated my colon? I've been lying down for an hour now and haven't had the sharp pain. Is it possible that everything (uterus) just inflamed and sensitive during my period, and a full bladder or needing to poo could cause this pain?

2) I was able to take out the cup while on the toilet. It was a little easier than last time. It must have been pretty full because a lot spilled into the toilet (glad I wasn't taking it out in my room that time!) and the cup was still 1/4 full. I broke the seal, and pinched from the bottom to pull it out, but the strings of my IUD were hanging outside of me after I took the cup out! I didn't feel a tug on them on anything..could the cup's lip have dragged them out? This is only increasing my worry about cup usage with an IUD. Anyone have any insight/experience with strings being pulled out with the cup? I don't think my IUD was dislodged..
Tags: bowel movements, iud
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