Nhyra (nhyrasnow) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Pushing air in when inserting

Hello everyone! Newbie here. I've had 3 cycles with my Diva Cup and I really like it so far. I usually do a punch down fold when inserting, it doesn't leak, and it is quite comfy so no issues there.

My question is this: during insertion, I notice that it frequently feels like I am pushing a fair amount of air into my vagina along with the cup as it pops open. Is this normal/safe? While it does feel a bit strange at first, it isn't a painful feeling and I don't feel it after I insert the cup.

Has anyone else had this experience?

Reading other archived entries in this community on similar 'air issues', I think that perhaps the cause of the air being pushed in along with the cup is that I might be allowing it to pop open too soon before it completely enters the vaginal canal, thus forcing more air into the vagina then one might experience otherwise? When I try to keep it from popping open until it is further in, I cannot get it to pop open at all. Quite frustrating. Other then a bit of air going in along with the cup, which isn't painful, I find it comfortable to insert in this manner. Is it safe to insert the cup this way?

(Sorry, I honestly don't know the answer to this one and I haven't been able to find answers anywhere else)


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