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Hello to all of you helpful humans! I've been lurking here for a while. This community and all of its links are what helped my find my Fleur Cups. I used the small for the first time during my period. I have a Paraguard IUD (copper, non hormaonal). I have only used the cup from 9pm one night, to 4pm today. Removed it twice to clean. I'm feeling iffy about removal. I read up on how to break the seal, and all that good stuff. My cervix seems to sit kind of high, and I have to get a few fingers in to pull the cup out. It's a small FC which is smaller than I thought it would be. Kinda cute actually. Anywho, I hear the seal break, but I still feel like it seals back up after that even if I keep it pinched. I guess it feels as thought it's hugging my cervix, and when I try to get ahold of the top to make sure the seal IS broken, I wind up basically grabbing my cervix. If I hold lower it seems to seal up because when I pull I feel it giving my cervix a hickey. I don't want to put too much suction because of the just doesn't feel right when it does that and I trust my body enough to stop pulling. But if I need to keep the seal broken, I have to grab at the top and try to pinch it into a partial C fold, but then I wind up squeezing my cervix! Both times I removed it it took a while and I would break the seal, move it down a little, try to break the seal again, not grab my cervix or the strings, and move it down a little more...seems so iffy. I'm thinking that it's too small length and width wise because it hugs my cervix so much. I even had a sore spot next to my cervix which I don't think I've had during my period before. If you read all of this, thank you! and I'd appreciate any relatings or feedback or advice. Should I just try a bigger cup? Am I not doing removal right? Ammniehhhckdirerr?

EDIT: Also wanted to add the my cervix seems to tilt against my right vaginal wall, and that's where the sore spot seems to be. It may be possible that it's getting irritated because the cup is caught in a tight spot.

Thank you for any help you can offer :)
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