fuckincapslock (fuckincapslock) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Actually had some luck with using a cup I'm happy :)

Thanks to this community I tried a different fold which made insertion take ten seconds instead of never being able to get it in without it opening too early/not opening at all/painful insertion etc. Thanks to knowing the different folds it is dare I say more comfortable than my sea sponge tampons to insert (smoother surface on a cup than a sponge).

It also wasn't hard to remove, I just broke the suction with my finger and held it down and it was fine I think the last time I had such a bad time putting it in I was tense trying to take it out and didn't think it through. It shouldn't be scary removing it, but for me, it was even scarier than insertion because I was so tense I couldn't find the seal to break it, that is definitely not a good thing to be it made it worse than it had to be.

I can't believe I'm saying this, but I like my cup now I actually like it, I don't want to trash it for being annoying to insert.

My advice to anyone who hasn't tried their cup again out of fear don't try pushing it all the way in at first, instead try the folds and see how easily it goes, if it is very easy, take it out, fold it again snugly just to make sure then have a go at it. My mistake was shimmying it around too much loosening the folds before finishing inserting it (I know noob mistake, give me a break haha I had never used a tampon before EVER and sea sponge, that was...like trying to catch a slip and slide before it puffed back out...often painfully as it wasn't fully inserted yet.....those little sponges can be a tad bit rough even when wet).

I also kept a cup of hot water near me, why? Kept my cup warm and soft so it didn't suck to work with. I found it near impossible to fold when it was cold, and insertion was physically impossible when it wasn't warm (cup was too stiff to fold it at all my hands actually hurt trying to keep it folded).

Off my cup goes to its bag for my next cycle, I can do this shit! lol...

I so wouldn't have bothered trying again but I have a really heavy flow and I wanted something I could use along with a pad that could give me the freedom to not live near the bathroom.

My cup is the plainest cup ever....clear white silicone, but hey, can't beat $15 for a cup that fits me no problems (after the initial I'm scared of my menstrual cup issues). The stem on my cup is super flexible I've seen no need to trim it since after breaking the seal its nice to have a handle while I also grab the side of the cup haha...sometimes it runs away...I guess it's not like its going anywhere though...not like my sea sponge which I was pretty sure I'd never be able to grab again....those are crafty little bastards....as comfy as they are that turns me off using them again.

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