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Some sucess! and more questions...

In my previous post I shared with all of you my difficulties with insertion. With all of your beautiful help (and lots of lube) I have become adept at inserting both my Yuuki and my new small (non-capacity optimized) soft meluna. But my Yuuki is once again causing me trouble, it leaks. I have to remove it once every few hours or so because it leaks before it is even half full, usually between the measurement lines for 5ml and 10ml (I have heard of the Yuuki’s maximum being 15ml)for no apparent reason. Because of this my Yuuki has little more capacity( maybe 7ml) than my 5ml meluna (which never leaks unless full). I have heard of softer cups leaking on this site, presumably because the muscles of the vagina flattening the cup. But my stiff Yuuki stands up to my vaginal muscles well, if I relax I can even palpitate my cup through my abdomen. Because of this constant leaking I have to wear a full pad as well as my cup. Is anyone aware as to how this might be happening?

Tags: heavy blood flow, leakage & spotting, meluna - soft, pads - disposable, teething troubles, yuuki

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