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Post IUD cup experiences? (fleurcup vs lunette)

So after tossing the thought around for a while, I have decided to get my IUD removed for a few months to see if I like my life better without it. Now I can also get a cup! Huzzah!  DH is fascinated by cups so he has offered to buy me one of my choosing.

Unfortunately I am at a total brick wall in the decision process so maybe you lovely people can help! I am really confused about whether I should get a Lunette or a Fleurcup.

Here is a little about me:

I am 24 years old, 5'3"tall 108lbs, low cervix. I am sexually active. My period before I got the IUD was relatively light, and short. The entire time I have had the IUD my period has been heavy and long. I was wondering about the other people's experiences after they had their iud removed in regards to flow. Did your flow return to how it was before you had the iud implanted? 

I really like that the lunette is made in Finland, and that it is short. I was really eyeing the lunette size 1 Cynthia, but I am curious if whether I should go for the larger size because I am sexually active? Is the smaller lunette more for younger people and virgins? or would my small build be suited for it?

The fleurcup also appeals to me because it is softer and the shape is really pretty (as well as so many colors!!). But I am curious if they are made directly in france? The bottom looks larger too, and I always had a problem with large tampons being.... uncomfortable. 

Are there any happy customers out there who are about my size/shape? Which did you choose? Have you tried both? 

Also the lunette website says that they are sold in german apotheke. I have been to three apotheke requesting the lunette and everyone looks at me like I am insane. Anyone have luck buying their cup in a german store??

Thanks MC!
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