k slo (begintohope) wrote in menstrual_cups,
k slo

I love my Yuuki! + question about cramps

Hey MCers!
I bought a large Yuuki last month & finally got to start using it yesterday. So far, I love it. Despite the facts that I'm 19, have never given birth, & consider myself to be pretty "tight," it's surprisingly comfortable. & the CAPACITY! I'll never have to worry about leaks again!

I had a question about cramps. (Not strictly relevant to cups, but I figured y'all would have some good input on this.) I've been researching some of those teas which claim to help with menstrual cramps, & I was wondering whether anyone here has tried those, whether they work, & if you have any recommendations for specific teas I could try.

Thanks so much!
Tags: cramps, yuuki
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