jennie_30 (jennie_30) wrote in menstrual_cups,

new to cups and need some help.

i just got my diva cup today and i am having some problems.  i can get it in (with much effort) but i can't get it to open.  i have tried the  c fold and the punch down fold.  with the c fold i can get it to open if i put in in half way and then push on the side opposite the fold to make it pop open.  then i push it in the rest of the way.  i feel it open but when i go to pull it out it is still folded could it be folding on the way out?  also i can't get the suction right.  it seems way to easy to pull out.  i can sort of turn it but not really.  i bought the size 2 even though i have never had children because i am 30 but i am a small person.  do you think it could be to big?  i hope not because i really can't afford another one.  i am in canada and the diva cup is the only one i can get here.
any advise would be appreciated.
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