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My 2nd cup, a Small Lunette Selene: first impressions

Hi! You may remember me from such posts as
http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2743975.html (my first post to this community)
http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2758187.html (my second post)

If not, I'll refresh y'all's memory:

I started my menstrual cup adventures back in September or so with a small Keeper Moon Cup, and it felt like a small rock in my vagina. After two periods and much puzzling and advice from this community (and studying of the many excellent photos and videos from Zanashop, I think), I decided that I needed a softer cup but with a similar length to the KMC (because I think I have a high cervix), and so I decided to go for a small Lunette. I boiled it this morning and I'm wearing it now.

After about 6 hours of wear, I will say that it's a DEFINITE improvement over the KMC. There's no "scraping" sensation with the Lunette, as opposed to the KMC which just felt like all edges when it was inside me. I think the design of the stem, with the tip being a rounded shape instead of just the raw cut tube of the KMC, is a definite positive. I think the "frosted" surface of the small Lunette's silicone sticks less to the skin of my vagina, as opposed to the slick surface of the KMC.

However, I will say that I definitely still FEEL it up in there, but more in terms of pressure as opposed to surfaces rubbing against each other. It definitely presses on my bladder and makes me need to pee a bit more frequently and also pressing against my uterus and giving me a menstrual crampy feeling, two things I never experience when I wear a tampon. Also, I haven't driven my car today, which will be another test for me: I experienced the most pain with the KMC when I was in the driving position, it was almost unbearable. We'll see how the Lunette does with that test...

Right now I'm off to perform my very first Lunette removal... back in a jiff!
(about 4 minutes later)
Well, that was fairly quick. Less painful than with the KMC (that stiff rim popping out!), but it's also possible that I'm just getting used to it. Though, to be honest with you, I still can't get a firm enough pinch-grip on the bottom to pull it out that way, even with the Lunette's grip rings... I'm still letting the stem do most of the work, which apparently is not how you're "supposed" to do it, but it's all I can manage right now. I don't get a *POP* until the front edge of the rim is physically outside of me... is that weird? Oh and also, trimming my pubes was a MUST to make removal more comfortable... otherwise I just kept grabbing hairs when I was trying to get a good grip on the cup. Oh and one more thing, today is the 2nd day of my period, and the Lunette was less than half-filled after about 6 hours.

So far, I wouldn't go so far as to say that this is my Goldilocks Cup, but it's a huge step in the right direction for me. I still have my eye on the (supposedly) even softer MeLunas, especially because they're even smaller, and I get the feeling that what I still require is to reduce the overall BULK of the cup, be it ever so squishy. I just don't want to lose it up there and I have a high cervix... if I get a small or medium Meluna, I may tie a string onto the end of the stem just in case. I've said it before and I'll say it again... what I need is a reeeeeally narrow, long cup, more like a test tube! Maybe someday someone will make that... unless that idea is just whack!

I will report back with any more impressions... thanks again to all in this community for your helpful input!

UPDATE 12/8/2011: Wowie! Day 3 of my period, Day 2 of the Lunette, and it was heaven! No cramping, not even bladder issues, completely forgot it was there, couldn't feel it! Heck yeah, this is my idea of a good menstrual device! No issues when I was in the driving position, either. Better yet, I think I'm getting the hang of removal... I'm able now to pinch the bottom and do the "rock gently back and forth" maneuver demonstrated in one of the videos to break the seal. Patting myself on the back...

This is great, I feel accomplished. I can hold off on buying a third menstrual cup, although I'm still hankering for a Meluna for some reason, but there's no urgency right now. Bravo, Lunette! And thanks, MC...
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