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I would just like to post my success story on here, as this community helped me a lot when deciding which cup to use!

I posted on here almost a month ago (http://menstrual-cups.livejournal.com/2759533.html) when deciding on a cup, and a few weeks ago I finally bought the small lunette cynthia - and I love it!

I ordered online (http://www.femininewear.co.uk) and received my order very quickly (2 or 3 days) so I decided to do some dry runs to figure out how to use it, I found it very challenging to insert it and painful to take it out! But nevertheless, when my period arrived 5 days early on the day of a swimming gala, I decided to take the risk and wore my cup for the first time whilst on my period - no problems at all! I started with the punch down fold as it looked the easiest to insert, but I have found the C fold to be better as I feel it opens up better and is not usually a challenge to insert. From the dry runs, I was scared about removal, but I have found it easy as I sort of fold it up a bit when taking it out. So if anyone is wondering about difficulties during dry runs, it gets a LOT easier when you're on your period!

I am on my 4th day of using my cup and I'm already a complete convert! I have been wearing disposable pads as back up, but haven't needed it other than for the residual slobber! Even on my heaviest days (which aren't really that heavy) I can put the cup in at 7am and take it out at 4pm and only have it half full at the most! I can go overnight easily, the only problem I have had once when I got out of bed it seemed to all leak out, yet when I took out the cup, it wasn't even that full?! Any tips?

Also, I find it easier to insert on the toilet rather than in the shower, it seems to insert much easier - any reason why? I still crouch down when in the shower though.

Sorry about the length, I just wanted to share the success of this wonderful cup! :D
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