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Lunette and I Aren't Friends Anymore

Oh wise menstrual cup community, can you give some guidance? I've searched the community for my issue but didn't turn up any results that had solutions. Please by all means, direct me to posts you think might answer this.

Here's my issue: this is my third period with my Lunette size two Selene and I would say roughly 70% of the time it causes me pain and discomfort to the point that I simply cannot wear it. I am getting sick of the gamble; sometimes when I put it in, things are fine--I can get it to sit in my vagina in a way that I don't feel it at all.

Most of the time however, I will insert it and feel discomfort or pain 5-10 minutes after insertion, as if its not been put in correctly. What baffles me is that I use one of three folds each time I put it in: C fold, punch down, and seven. Sometimes they work fine, other times the cup and my vagina just aren't having it. I rarely have pain with insertion regardless of fold I use and I never have issues with it popping open. I insert it, push it into place (wherever it wants to go at that moment), make sure it pops open and run my finger around it to catch slobber.

When the insertion process is over, I usually feel fine. But 5 minutes later things go down hill. Either I have intense pelvic pain, that does not radiate from my vagina or cervix, or it feels like the cup is digging into my vaginal wall, usually below the pelvic bone. Like I said, I'm sick of the gamble of whether or not it's going to sit happily in my vagina or cause me pain. I'm also sick of taking it out it to empty it and putting it back in, only to have to go back to the bathroom 10 minutes later because the darn thing is so uncomfortable. Not exactly fun or easy to do when I am out and about.

Could the stiffness of the Lunette be to blame? Should I go for a smaller and/or softer cup? Any cup suggestions? (money and availability aren't major issues, but I do live in the US) Thanks in advance lovely community, you've never let me down. Sorry for the wordiness!

My stats as it were: 23, sexually active, no babies, no major issues with inserting anything into my vagina, tampon user for 10ish years. Cervix sits moderately low during beginning of period (about an inch and half from vaginal opening) and moves higher after 3 days or so (higher as in 2-2.5 inches from vaginal opening).

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