sarah_826 (sarah_826) wrote in menstrual_cups,

cleaning/sterilizing, a washing machine and BV infection

hi all! soo i accidentally left my divacup in the pocket of my robe and sent it to the wash and dryer with it :/ is the cup still ok to use after sterilizing/boiling? i cleaned it with rubbing alcohol before i inserted at the beginning of my cycle, but im starting to wonder if that was the cause of the BV infection i got after i ended my period. i'd hate to think that i need to get a new cup. i'm now being treated for the infection, but of course i don't want it to come back next month again because of my cup.

also, i live in a dorm, so there isn't a place that i can boil water for my cup. ive been cleaning it with rubbing alcohol until i noticed recently that the divacup website advises to not clean with rubbing alcohol (then again, it also says not to clean with hydrogen peroxide, and i know many people do that). would soaking in hydrogen peroxide and/or alcohol be enough to clean it after each cycle (especially now since it's been through the wash and a BV infection), or should i be worried that there's nowhere i can boil it? is there a difference between cleaning with hydrogen peroxide and alcohol? aaand what type of hydrogen peroxide should i be using? 

Tags: cleaning, divacup, dorms

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