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Hi! New, and comparisons of small meluna, small lunette and small diva

Hi everybody, I'm new. I just wanted to make a post to first off, say a huge thanks for this group because without you guys, I would have a) never known about cups and b) not known anything about them.

So, let me say that as a first-time cup user, cups definitely seem smaller in pictures online. When I got my lunette in the mail i was like "this is a SMALL?" As you can see, I had to trim the stem completely off. The thing was, it still wasn't completely comfortable because it was kind of hanging a bit out of my vag. sorry if that's tmi. :P I'm not a virgin, but I did just turn 19 and I'm VERY tight down there. I ordered a few different brands of cups just to try them out. The lunette was the first I got in, and I had a good experience with it but it was still just a bit long. The second cup I've got in the mail was the size 1 (small) diva. This is HUGE. You can see in the pics below just how huge it is haha. Def. significantly wider and longer than the Lunette. The last cup I just got in the mail this afternoon, is a small soft Meluna. I haven't done a dry run yet, but I'm thinking I mayyyy have to cut the ball off later :( The small Meluna is still pretty big, imo. I'll let you guys know how it goes. The most noticeable difference is that it is wayyyy squishier and much thinner than the Lunette. The thing right off the bat that I liked about Meluna is the bag. It's softer and seems nicer made than the Lunette bag. When I wore my Lunette, it put pressure on my bladder in a weird way and I couldn't make myself pee with it in. Does that mean it's in wrong?

Also, I have a fairly heavy flow (unfortunately I got my Lunette at the end of my period) and would usually go through about one heavy tampon every two hours or so. I have a feeling that all three cups would be able to collect my blood and need changing way less.

Anyway, here are some pics below that I took to compare all 3. Sorry the Diva's still in the bag, I know this effects the light quality. I'm going to either try to sell my Diva online, or see if my environmental science teacher will buy it off me :P We'll see.

Tags: age, brand comparisons, buying decisions, cup pouch & storage, diagrams & pictures, divacup, first time use, heavy blood flow, lunette, meluna - soft, sizes/size issues
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