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That "Menstrual Cup" book arrived today

Using the word "book" lightly here....

..... 2 things to know ......

#1 - they have not ripped off any blogs or websites for the content for their book.
#2 - the entire book is like a print screen of wikipedia, nothing more.

So there you go.  It's solely wikipedia articles... on some pages they didn't even bother removing those "see also" links.  It even says in the front cover there was no editing of the content, it's just copied from wikipedia.

Because it's covered by creative commons, I could reproduce it and redistribute it to my heart content... I could scan every page and make it downloadable for you all... and I would..... but there is no point at all... since it's just wikipedia, and the actual wikipedia site is at least up to date, whereas this book isn't.  So I've done something better and just linked to the relevant wikipedia pages on my blog post for you.  :D


In fact, the menstrual cup component of this book is only the first 2 pages.  The rest is largely irrelevant crap they printed out to make it seem more worthwhile to pay $50 for a page printed from wikipedia.

Do I sound bitter?  Ohh not at all :Þ 

On the one hand, I'm glad I don't have to worry about my stuff being in here... on the other hand I'm annoyed I paid so much for it.  I almost wish they had ripped us off, because then at least they would have brought out a book that was actually informative and had decent content to justify charging anything for it at all.

The fact they are ripping people off with this excrement is horrifying and sickening.  Those 3 people responsible and the publisher should get some sort of vile karmic retribution for doing this.

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