linsey852 (linsey852) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Is the Divacup not a good fit?

I'm new to menstrual cups. I got an IUD a while ago and also decided to switch to reusable menstrual products. I bought a Divacup from along with my pantyliner set. While the pads are great the Divacup may not be. I didn't know before I bought it that menstrual cups really differed in size and this is a big factor for me because I am a really small girl. I'm eighteen and really narrow down there. The lady who was inserting my IUD mentioned that I have a very small cervix. I don't know exactly how low or high my cervix is, I just know that I can't quite reach it with my fingers (although my fingers are a bit short). I can feel the ends of my IUD strings and that is it. Basically I was really hoping some people here might be kind enough to help me figure out a good cup fit? The Divacup seems too big and too long. Or maybe I'm just not good at inserting it yet since I'm inexperienced with cups. It seems like I can get it in there, but I'm too small for it to open all the way.
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