ernestine! (alk3girl89) wrote in menstrual_cups,

hi :)

Hi everyone! I'm new to the group and to menstrual cups as well. I'm on my second cycle with my Lunette size 2 and absolutely love it! (I still hate my period though. :P) I didn't get a chance to boil my cup from last cycle so I had to use a tampon yesterday. I didn't realize how much better the cup was. The tampon was extremely uncomfortable and felt so drying. I immediately boiled some water and stuck my cup in there so I can use it asap. I think I've also gotten the insertion technique down at this point. The first few days of my last cycle wasn't much fun since I was out all day and I never got the cup in right because it kept leaking after an hour even when the cup wasn't full. This time around, I've figured things out and even slept comfortably with the cup (with a backup pad though).

But just a question...
Do you use the same pots for cooking and for boiling the cups? I just found that a bit weird. Would it be a good idea to buy my own small pot for the cup only?

Thanks :)
Tags: cleaning

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