silverdoealways (silverdoealways) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Panicked about lowered cervix.

I haven't received my new Soft Small Meluna yet. But I re measured the depth to my cervix again today as it's almost time for my period. And to my horror it was much lower than last month I measured while on my period. About 3.5-4cm/1.5" at the very most, meaning my meluna won't fit at all. Or any cup for that matter if I don't cut the stem off the old small meluna version.

Please give me advice & calm me down? :(

EDIT: Great news, while this is my first dry run, the cup sucked itself right around my cervix I believe, I am having issues getting it to pop completely open & the ball stem IS in fact poking out. But I can't feel it at all except some new pressure on my bladder that I think will go away. Hoping my cervix won't wander further down when I actually need the cup. Thank you for all the replies!
Tags: cervix position
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