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Newbie question smorgasbord!

Hello! So, I've been directed here by others- not to mention, I've been enamored with the idea of an alternative menstrual product that can last for years, outside of cloth pads (which I already have.) I have questions littered throughout this!

I did get an Instead sample in the mail yesterday and tried one out, just to get acquainted with the idea of "collection". I know that they don't fit the way other cups do, but I was happy to learn that they fit my body perfectly, although I removed it earlier to find they get...messy. It wasn't leaking, but I pulled down and heard the "seal" break (audibly!!) and was greeted with a...surprise that shot all over my hand, instead of in the cup, which was only partly full. *sigh* The main factor that resulted in me getting them was also the period sex bit- I haven't tried it out, but I'm wondering if any of your partners have an unpleasant sensation when you have sex with an Instead in? They are fairly comfortable for me and do not leak, but I can certainly feel the "plastic bag and rim" sensation if I go venturing up there at all. Any complaints from partners? Comments?  <.<

Now, for non-disposables. I have been at it like a madwoman looking at all the brands and sizes! Comparing, contrasting, checking my body to see what would work best...all of it! I have a short-ish vaginal canal during my period, and I am GUESSING I don't have a heavy flow...on my heaviest day, I only go through 1 maxipad. I'm also not a virgin, and I'm 19. With all of this in mind, I came up with a medium Meluna or a small Lunette. Would those be generally ok to try out for someone like me? I am a little tight on cash at the moment (jobless student, hooray!) and I want to make sure I don't mess up bigtime with my first cup trial.

P.s.- you all sound awfully helpful, from what I've seen so far!  :)
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