goody_me (goody_me) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Traumatic experience w/ Diva Cup

A LOT OF GROSS INFO HERE! READ WITH CAUTION! But please give helpful advice. I'm in total need of it.

Hi, I'm new here. I love the diva cup. I have heavy and long periods and it makes me feel weird in public and being around others. I have a social disability so I'm sure this is also the problem.
I have tried the diva cup like last month and was not able to insert it at all. That was before I knew about the different types of folds. (Sorry if I'm being too candid.) 

I used it today, for the first time. I inserted it ok but did not feel comfortable and experienced leakage. In all, my experience has been traumatic. Now I'm scared to even put in a tampon. 

I forgot to mention these about myself. I'm afraid of inserting anything in my vagina. Even a figure. I'm afraid of hurting or messing something up. Sex is also scary for me now. I'm not a virgin but this has been a recent happening. I want things to be tight and not have many cuts or rips. I think this hurts the way I feel about inserting the cup. 

I still want to use the cup but need helpful advice on:

1. How to prevent the suction upon removal.
2. How to come to terms with insertion and get over being so scared of insertion period.

Tags: seal & suction
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