questiontyme (questiontyme) wrote in menstrual_cups,

New fleurcup design?

I haven't ever used a cup . After reading online the past few days I thought fleurcup design, lunette or meluna looked least scary, (femmecup looked okyish). I had narrowed it down to lunette and fleurcup and fleurcup seemed to be getting better opinions (it is hard to tell thought since I think the larger lunette is firmer - so unhappy comments about this may be affected the small lunette's 'score' and I want a small).

I was thinking, oh I'll just order a fleurcup because I'm too damn indecisive when I noticed a post saying that they had changed and gotten softer. Does this mean they are now harder to pop up? I had heard of new meluna cups and new femmecups but somehow missed this. I have no idea if all the favourable comments are talking about the old version.

Also, what do people here tend to prefer about of small lunette and small fleur? Does the increased roundness of fleur make it more comfy (less pointy?) or can it push on someone's bladder more? (I read this was a problem for some people but I can't remember where, I think it was re the fleurcup.)

If fleurcups are now softer then aren't they even more similar to lunette? Just with thicker grip parts?

Alas I was going to order tonight but I guess not. =[
Tags: fleurcup, lunette
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