silverdoealways (silverdoealways) wrote in menstrual_cups,

Another newbie, wooh!

I've been lurking around this community for quite some time, and even after reading all posts I still find myself utterly lost.
I'm just about to get my first cup, the issue here is I haven't quite figured out which one. Help me ladies?

I need a soft cup as I have quite a few vaginal issues connected to a nerve damage by the entrance, causing vestibulitis & vaginism which also leads to a constant sensitive bladder. Easier insertion & less pressure on my bladder is therefore a large priority.

My uterus is tilted, and my cervix tends to sit at about 2 inches / 5cm in on my heavier day. I'm assuming this is really low, yes?
I only have a period for 2-3 days, light flow the first and last, normal only for a few hours. I'm more interested in a smaller cup based on this, as wel as a stem that doesn't irritate the entrance, I'd hate to cut it off.
Soon to be 21 years old, no children but sexually active.

The ones I've been looking at are Meluna Soft Small, perhaps medium, and Small Ladycup. Which one do you think is the best first try?
Tags: brand comparisons

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