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Need advice for 2nd cup purchase

Hi! I posted an update to my original post here:


but I guess since it's not near the top of the feed, nobody noticed... anyway!

I'm ready to purchase a new cup and try this again, hopefully with more comfort this time. Please help! Here are the criteria I've established for myself:

1) My new cup must be MUCH softer than the Keeper Moon Cup, which feels very uncomfortable against the skin of my vagina. According to the "Cup Stiffness Comparison Chart" that someone helpfully linked me to, the KMC is a 7.5 firmness rating... I would love something in the 2-4 range! This is my most important criterion.

2) My new cup (I think) needs to be of a similar length as the Keeper Moon Cup, since it seems like my cervix is really far in there.

3) Ideally, my new cup needs to be easy to buy in the United States.

4) This is not a deal breaker, but I think I would prefer a cup that has a stem (or ring or ball) with a finished end, not one with a raw, cut end like the KMC and many of the other brands. Because my cervix is so high, I need a stem, but because the end of the stem tends to get sucked in there, I occasionally sit down in a position where the end of the stem is rubbing against my insides, and a sharp cut end is *really* chafing, I think! (My dream cup, I think, would be a Meluna Soft with a ring stem that is as tall as KMC! Oh well... I don't think I'm going to get that.)

Please advise!! I want to bite the bullet and stop putzing around on this, but I'm squeamish about ordering something from overseas... exchange rates, etc. etc.
Tags: brand comparisons, buying decisions, first time use, keeper moon cup, sizes/size issues, where to buy
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