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My experience so far - still have leaking/removal issues

Hi all, 

I found out about the menstrual cup from a friend of mine ages ago, and only decided to give it a go several months ago after I finally go sick of that "drip" feeling as a pad-user. I started with a shecup, had a learning curve with insert/removal, however the cup only lasted me for less than 2 hrs on my heaviest day (day 2) and was waking up in the middle of the night for emptying. Of course, this was in addition to leaking, messy removals, bloody hands, toilet seat, bathroom rug, floor, walls, and even my face and clothes..

Yeah.. I don't mean to be too descriptive, but I don't think I've survived a period since without making a mess of some kind. 

Anyway, I've just bought a large fleurcup in hopes that it will lessen the frequency of having to empty it, especially when I'm at work, and I take quite a while to remove it, because its a messy removal every time.. unfortunately, yesterday (day 2 of my period), I still had to empty it every 2 hours. I leaked last night as well, but the cup was only 1/3 full when removed?? 

I'm 26, not a virgin, not sexually active, no problem with size of fleurcup, no problem with getting the cup to pop open during insertion, no discomforts when cup is inserted, my cervix is lower on my heavy day, but I don't think the cups are squashed since they sit pretty comfortably instead and I have to bear down anyway to get them out.. 

I'm hoping it's because it's a learning curve with a new cup since the fleurcup and shecup are quite different, but i've noticed a few things in common with messy removals: when I bear down and the cup is full, a whole gunk comes out anyway and I get blood over my hands; even if I remove them before it's full, having to squeeze it out during removal (ie reducing its capacity), blood gets all over my hands anyway...

I don't think I can go back to using pads, however, I'm hoping for a mess-free, less-blood solution particularly when I'm in a public toilet? 
Tags: fleurcup, removal, shecup
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