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Meluna questions?

Hello fellow cuppers,
I've been using cups since February, I'm fifteen and my first cup was a small ladycup (almost went with meluna). I love it except it leaks on my heaviest day and it is really slippery, so it is hard to remove. So since meluna has changed their sizes and shape I've been looking into them again. I've found that the new small meluna holds about 2 mm more to the brim than my ladycup (ladycup doesn't measure to the holes?). Since the holes on the meluna are higher too, it should hold just a little more right?

Also how do you clean a meluna? I've checked out their website and I'm thinking that I could just put the cup in a mug and microwave it for a couple minutes. But I usually swab my cups with rubbing alcohol, can this be done with meluna? When I asked my mom to get rubbing alcohol, she got me mint rubbing alcohol. It is green and smells like a mint, is this okay to use on my silicone cups? When I was looking into meluna's soft colors I noticed their picture of the clear glitter had little glitter sparkles around the cup on top of the black background. So does the glitter come off of the cup easily? I would prefer to not have sparkles all up in me... Ya know? And is melunas texture not slippery like ladycups?
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