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Instead Softcup Reusable

Hi all,

When I was first figuring out cups, I got onto the Instead Softcup mailing list and never bothered delisting, since while they don't work as well as my Diva I figure that it doesn't hurt to stay abreast of this stuff, just in case. They sent out an email... within the last 24 hours or so, announcing that the new reusable is officially available. It's listed as only being for one period, but given that so many people use a non-reusable for a period already, I suspect it can be eeked out longer. The pictures make it look a lot like the disposable version, only a darker/"hot" pink rather than the pale pink, and the bell portion seems stiffer in the picture.

In case anyone wants to try it (and I guess report back to this comm?), they're being sold in 2-packs on the softcup website for $4.99 US. It seems like it's only available through, based on the email, but I suspect that either is not the case or will be changed shortly if it is, since it might be a bit limiting for the company to only have it online.

Anyway, I know I haven't been around in a while, but I thought I'd drop in to let anyone interested know!
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