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My Year Of New

This year has been an interesting year for me as I made my first new years resolution ever; In 2011 I will try new things! Much to my surprise my list of new experiences this year ranges from a coffee enema to skydiving! At some point during the beginning of the year I went ahead and threw a menstrual cup in there just to see what  it was like. I have been doing the Goldilocks thing and now have 5 out of the 6 cups I have purchase in my hunt for "Ah, this cup is just right" moment.

The first cup I ordered was a MeLuna  glitter medium soft cup which I couldn't even get in ("This cup's rim is too big"). The second cup was a small orange Fleurcup but every time I had it in I felt like I had to pee ("This cup is too firm") I also tried baring down like I was going #2 and it popped out , in order to avoid a fishing adventure I had to take it out  when I used the restroom! Determined, I did some stretching and gave the MeLuna cup a try again and with a twist and a pinch and another twist I got it in! "VICTORY" I cried as I stood tall and proud with my cup properly inserted for a bloody battle. Unfortunately I found that the with all the twisting an pinching I often caught my skin making my body slam the door shut leaving my poor little cup out in the cold. Back to looking at cups and really liking how the soft MeLuna felt once inserted I decided to try a couple more of their cups. I got a large purple classic cup ("This cup is too big and too firm") and a large cyan soft cup ("this cup is too big").  

I was so disappointed thinking I would be fighting my body every time I tried to put my glitter cup in, when I noticed that the wonderful people at Meluna had changed the shape of their cups as well as the size of the lip! My heart leaped for joy that I might be able to use a cup that didn't make me feel like I needed to run to the bathroom, would slide in place easily and would stay in place!  After an hour of deliberation between the new small and the new medium I ordered a small pink MeLuna soft basic which was put into my hands by the wonderful woman at the post office yesterday! The heavens parted and beams of sunlight lit up the beautiful brown package as I held this valuable treasure "God bless you, Post Lady". I raced home to find that they slipped in a medium soft cup with a ring stem sample cup as well!  I cooked them up for the recommended 5 minutes before trying one out. I couldn't be happier with the size of the cup and the way it pops open without coaxing! My small MeLuna soft cup is my new Goldilocks cup! 

note: I wear  a cup daily for spotting/bleeding from the IUD I got about a month ago.

Edit: REV1 due to poor grammar :)
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